Acrylic – Benefits of Acrylic

Acrylic store fixture is branded as being elegant and reliable for retail owners. Style and durability hardly comes in a package, and acrylic is a very rare case that happens to excel in both departments. For these qualities and beyond, we couldn’t ask more for different shapes in fixtures. Hey, you probably guessed it right already – Acrylic can be molded into different forms and shapes! That are just some benefits why acrylic is extensively used over standard fixtures. Beyond its use like a display material, acrylic is used to manufacture items like motorcycle helmets and many others.


The probability is you have already seen an acrylic during your shopping sessions. They might not look strong, but trust me they can support tremendous weight. This means one stand can be used for holding handful of items without the fear of breakage. Also worth mentioning is the durability that comes along. They will outlast most of your fixtures and accessories in your store. Your acrylic display can withstand physical impact and will last you for a lifetime. As a matter of fact, interestingly enough acrylic is more effective than vanished hardwood if they are compared for longevity.


Acrylic has always been praised for its transparency level. It allow items placed in the acrylic fixture to be viewed easily with sufficient amount of lighting passing through. It does not distract attention from the main item. While glass and plastics might have hue-ish tint over the surface, acrylic is clear all over. Not just that, acrylic is very light for easy relocation and installation.



The high flexibility promotes better mold-ability. Acrylic is extremely beneficial for making various designs of display stands. This is because it can easily take various shapes be it for decorations or fixtures. Some like it with rounded corners while others might love it with sharp corners. Acrylic is useful for sophisticated decorations with bending etc. This great flexibility also simplifies the process of duplicating the pieces. This duplication benefit is visible when producing several standardized displays for several stores.



However, acrylic is famous for the low resistance against scratches. Sure you can apply waxes to protect the material better but we all wish it could have better coatings out of the factory.