Acrylic Cosmetic Showcases

Cosmetic displays and showcases are essentials for beauty retailers. Walk into any cosmetic outlets like SaSa and Estee Lauder, you will certainly see them on the display shelves.

What is Acrylic?

Have you ever wondered what those transparent cosmetic palettes or eye liner pencil holders on display in retail stores are made of? They resemble glass, yet the structure is similar to plastic. You are right, as suggested in the title itself, acrylic is the answer! It is a family of synthetic polymer, in layman terms, glass-like plastic.

Why Acrylic?

There is a wide range of cosmetics available in the market – all of which come in various forms, sizes, materials and colors. Acrylic cosmetic showcase is the ideal solution for commercial retailers to display their cosmetic products.

Acrylic Is Clear

Acrylic is even clearer than glass! This element makes it especially suitable to display eye shadows. Due to the vast array of colours available, customers often find it difficult to decide. Since it is rather impractical for customers to open each eyeshadow case to examine the colour and texture, as there will be no brand new units left for purchase; retailers usually display a set of eye-shadow samples for shoppers’ convenience. The clear nature of acrylic cosmetic display enables you to make the best informed choice.

Weight Matters

Weight really does matter, at least when it comes to display units. Considering the amount of items that are displayed on shelves, it is most appropriate to use acrylic showcases due to its lightweight. Most display shelves and cabinets are unlikely to withstand ample glass cosmetic showcases, unless with the exception that they are made of premium quality designed for such function, which would be of substantial cost. Acrylic cosmetic displays and showcases are the perfect solution for any display purposes. Lightweight display showcases make it effortless for customers to explore your items. Acrylic products are easy to be carried around, so convenience will not be an issue when hosting road shows.

Flexibility Is The Key

The production of cosmetics has advanced to meet the latest trend in the world of fashion. Make up products are now sold in different forms, from liquid to powder; not to mention that brushes are available in various sizes too. For that reason, acrylic serves you best in displaying cosmetics. Its flexibility allows it to be manufactured according to your preference – palettes with round compartments for eye shadows, eyeliner pencil holders, and multi-tiered lipstick stand. Your retail store will appear more attractive with the items well-organised, meanwhile enhancing shoppers’ experience at your outlet. These acrylic cosmetic showcases save you plenty of space, thus allowing vast variety of products for display.

If you are searching for a replacement for glass display showcases, acrylic could not be a better alternative. Today, there are many acrylic display specialist emerging in Malaysia, you can pay acrylic display manufacturers a visit, as a start to expand your brand.