The Types of Acrylic Displays and Showcases

Acrylic displays and showcases are elegant in style and are able to market your products in the most desirable way.

With innovation, manufacturers have produced different kinds of acrylic displays and showcases to cater for special needs across many industries. This post will explore several types of acrylic displays and showcases.

Acrylic Display Standee

The best way to market your products is by promoting them on an acrylic display stand. It can capture customers’ attention especially if placed near the checkout counter as it stands out from the other ordinary display shelves in the shop. While queuing at the cashier, customers tend to glance through the whole shop or gaze at the items nearby. This is where acrylic display stands play their role in enthralling customers so that they would grab the product within the waiting time at the line.

Acrylic Display Holder

An acrylic display manufacturer will be able to produce customized display holders for specific collection of items which you would like to display. In a department store, branded beauty retailers usually have their respective counters set up near the entrance. Under bright lighting, the classy appearance of acrylic display showcases makes their products more attractive to customers. The versatility of acrylic display holders allows retailers to creatively arrange their products, accompanied by brochures promoting the latest deals.

Acrylic Floor Stand

If a portable, yet durable counter stand is what you need, then acrylic floor stand will be your perfect solution. It is suitable for any food and beverage outlets to place their menus at the entrance. These are also popular in exhibition fairs for visitors to easily recognize and remember your brand. When a new product is launched, you can promote your product by setting up a booth at shopping centers for distribution of samples. In clinics and hospitals, acrylic floor stands are used to display informative brochures on health-related matters or to promote awareness regarding health campaigns. Conventional wooden cabinets have also been replaced with acrylic displays in restaurants and hair salons as magazine holders.

Acrylic Table Top Display

Papers are light and prone to creases and folds, while banners may be deemed informal in professional environments. Hence, many companies have turned from stacks of leaflets to acrylic table top display in dispensing important information to clients. Aside from its durability, it is more cost-effective than producing and distributing flyers, which would most probably be ignored and thrown upon landing in hands of most people.

Acrylic Wall Unit

This acrylic fixture is space-saving and eye-catching, making it easier to identify the brand of a particular product. Acrylic wall units are used in department stores to distinguish brands whilst displaying products at different heights. This type of display unit is much safer to be placed in a commercial environment than a glass showcase.

As a diversity of acrylic displays and showcases abound, businesses have taken their marketing strategies to a higher level. Choosing acrylic products over other materials can indeed be a great investment.