Acrylic & Plastic Specialists in Malaysia – About Us

Acrylic and Plastics are always a major contributor in different industries. We have been in the industry for years. We have gained enormous respect from players within the acrylic and plastic industry in Malaysia. We hope that with this web site we are able to give back to the community with the knowledge we possess. On top of that, we also hope we could force ourselves in keeping track with the latest trend and technology on acrylic and plastics.

Acrylic has extensive uses over different industries and businesses. Among all, one of the more prominent industries that make use of acrylic is retail stores. Acrylic is made use in manufacturing cosmetic showcases, wall panels, display racking, signboards, podiums etc. etc. The reason for the extensive use is the advantages it offers. Despite having clear and transparent properties like glasses, they possess very strong impact resistance.

We hope that this website would more or less help the community to better understand acrylic.