How to Transform Your Kitchen Using Acrylic Sheets

Refurbishing your entire kitchen is going to be very expensive, as much as you are craving for a new design. Here we have an affordable option which is acrylic kitchen door fronts because they are not only super hassle-free to be applied but can also be cut into any size at all. It also looks great and gives out a classy, sophisticated look to your home.

All you need is 1 hour to completely change the look of your kitchen cabinets. Get acrylic sheets of your desired colour and size. Don’t forget that you will need a driller too. There are 2 common ways you can apply the acrylic sheet kitchen door front. The first option is to completely remove your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers and lay them flat on the ground. Another option is to use a straight edge to the bottom of the door to stick your acrylic sheets on, and then drill the back where the handles are through the acrylic sheets.

Now you will need a 4mm drill bit and drill through the back of the kitchen cabinet door into the acrylic sheet very slowly. Simple get the handle back on and voila, you have beautifully transformed your kitchen cabinet door into a stylish and glossy high-fashion look.

It is the same for the kitchen cabinet drawer fronts. Simple remove the backing tape that is supplied on the back of each unit and line the drawer front in front up with the drawer. As the same with the cupboard door, just drill through from the inside, through the acrylic sheet and reapply the handle when everything is done.