Plastic Pallet Malaysia – The Benefit of Plastic Pallet

Almost all the product we purchase in store was shipped using pallet. Pallet is a square and flat structure used to stack product on top for shipping. Pallet allow forklift to move the items in one bundle. Pallets can be made of wood, plastic, or metal. Each type of material has the different benefits, but plastic had become the most common material used in pallet.


Save Space

Using plastic pallet can efficiently save the place during product shipping. Wood pallets are hardly stack together but only lay on top of one another. For plastic pallets, it was designed to slide together to save space. For example, if you have 10 pieces six inches wood pallets, you will need 60 inches space to fit. If you have 10 pieces six inches plastic pallets, you might only need 20 or 30 inches high space. This can save the transportation and shipping cost.


During shipping and transportation, insects, fungus, or bacteria is a concern and you need to prevent it. Compare to wood pallets, plastic pallets are better to prevent these from growing. It is easy to clean and remove any bacteria or fungus which grows on the pallets. Wood pallets are hard to clean, especially it help bacteria and fungus to grow when it become wet.


The transportation fees can be very expensive. The three factors that influence the transportation fees are distance, size, and weight. If you use plastic pallets, you can reduce the cost of the shipping. Using plastic pallets is about 30% lighter than using wood pallets.

Environmentally Responsible

The whole world is talking about environment friendly to protect the earth. Many companies try their best to become more environmentally responsible. Plastic pallets are recyclable. If a plastic pallet was damage, it can turn into a new plastic pallet without using any new source.


To reduce the cost, we can do it by making the product last longer. Plastic pallets can last longer than wood pallets without having problem like splinters, protruding nails, warping, or shrinking. Plastic pallets are not easy damage during shipping and protect the good damage by nails or other sharp item.

Cleaning Plastic Pallets

We can either clean the plastic pallets on outdoor or indoor depends on the limitation. Cleaning the pallets outdoor is the easiest and the best way. You can quickly wash away the dirt and residue using strong stream. You can prepare a bucket with water and dish detergent to clean the pallets using cloth or brush. Use it to scrub the remaining dirt that was not washed off earlier. After cleaning, leave it and allow air dry.

If you don’t have a big outdoor space, you might need to clean it in indoor space. However, the procedure will not be that simple. Firstly, you will need to clean the pallet using a vacuum with a hose attached for the best result. Then, prepare warm water with dish detergent and clean the pallet using cloth. After cleaning, leave it for air dry. Now the cleaning is complete.