Plastic Products Malaysia – Benefits of Plastic

From health and well being, transportation, and even leisure activities, plastic are one of the important elements in our modern life. Plastic provides convenience and improved our daily life. The flexibility of plastic allows them to create different solutions. Things we use everyday like alarm clock, toothbrush, hairbrush, lunch box, computer accessories, chairs, and other items. What are the benefits of plastic?

Plastics have been widely used for food packaging. Packaging is usually meant for convenient to carry. Plastic food packaging was designed to extend the shelf-life of food, maintain the food quality and nutrient. Items used in food industry like conveyor belts, gloves, food wrap, and can liners are also make from plastic. Even kid’s cooking toys, it was also made from plastic. The kid can now experience the fun of cooking now.

Our shelter – home consist lots of plastic materials. Appliances, cords, electrical outer shell, and wiring are all made or covered with polymeric. Some floor materials are also made of plastic. Fluoropolymers which used to insulate wire and cable on the wall or ceiling has great durability in fire situations. Another common plastic material that can be found in our house is polyurethane. This material usually found in seat cushions, office chairs, mattresses, and pillows. This can be found in carpet which provides cushioning and sound absorption.

The benefit of plastic allows the aeronautics technology moving big step forward, including satellites, shuttles, aircraft, and missiles. Plastic were used in aircraft like airborne radar systems to allow waves to pass through with minimum loss. Plastic has the ability to withstand heat, which is the reason why fuel booster of rocket was build of plastic.

The fact that plastic was able to withstand heat also lead to its being recognized as an important material in aerospace technology. Today, plastics are used in the solid fuel boosters form rockets and in the ablative shields for reentry of space shuttles. The light weight and durability of plastic allows the aircraft to reduce the weight.

In the construction industry, plastic is also widely used in making pipes and valves.  They are also used for decorative as plastic are easy to handle, durable, and attractive. The decorative plastic was used in bathroom units, windows, door, railing, and panels.  They are easily installed and used within piping and valves, from freshwater to saltwater and also crude oil to laboratory waste.

Last but not least, plastic is also the popular choice in transportation. They were easy to paint into colour preferred. The car had become lighter approximately 145 pounds after using plastic. Train and busses had also equipped plastic in window and door frame. Other transportations, such as bicycles, roller skates, kayaks, canoes, skateboards, snowboards, surfboards, and motorcycles also included plastic in their creation for lighter weight and increase the durability.

The benefits of plastic had given the society a better life. Even plastic products manufacturer, they improved the quality of the materials and increase the safety of the plastics. More and more plastic products will be created to improve the durability and the design of the product.