Plastic Sheets in Malaysia

Plastic Sheets, known commercially as acrylic plastic sheets, is widely used across different industries. Plastic sheets are made of superior qualities like clear UV, clear and coloured, infra-red transmission, UV filter, UV transmission etc. Plastic sheets are very custom friendly in catering to different sizes and dimensions. For example, the commonly sought for sizes in stock are: 4×8, 4×12, 6×10, 8×10 with maximum thickness up to 4″ thick. Trust us when we make reviews and recommendation, because we have decades of experiences.


Plexiglass sheets – Stock, Cut, Ship and fabrication at total control. 

The plexiglass sheets are made to meet industrial standards. They are manufactured to be catered nearest to your industrial needs. You can cut to different sizes for windows, doors, aquariums and many other applications you could think of. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of furniture that makes use of plastic sheets. Look at the varieties: clear plastic sheet panels, cell cast  plastic sheets, tinted and coloured plastic sheets, non glare plexiglass also with different textures, patterns.

You must be wise in choosing your plastic sheet manufacturer, because it the standards should also consider in their cutting facilities. Having quality plastic sheets is one thing where mold-ability, cutting and shaping is another. If possible make enquiries about their machineries, CNC routers, Mill Machines and controlled saws. These might give you some insights on their operation.