Plastic Sheets (PLEXIglass) – How to Maintain

Plastic Sheets might be one of the best industrial and commercial creation in this era, but one of the biggest fall back is that it gets dirty and attracts scratches pretty easy. There are ways to tackle the problem, might take abit of work but with the correct methods it is all well worth.

Cleaning Directions – Wash your plastic sheets. Wash your plastic sheets with mild soap or detergent with luke warm water. Then, use a clean cloth, microfibre cloth or sponge to rub the dirts out. When there are resisting stain, use as much washing solution possible to remove it. Dry the plastic sheet by blotting with damp cloth or better a chamois. There are a number of plastic polishes available in hardware stores to help maintain the perfect condition longer. 

WARNING. Do not attempt to clean by using window cleaning fluids, scouring components, gritty cloths (that attracts dirt and sand particles), leaded or ethyl gasoline or other solvents like alcohol, acetone, carbon tetrachloride and many more. Those are the few that should be paid attention.

Sometimes the plastic sheets for some reasons get stains like tar, grease, paint, dried masking paper etc. In order to remove these stubborn stains, use a good grade of kerosene (some customers claim naphtha works too) to eliminate them safely. After that wash and clean as instructed above.

Polishing – Apply a very thin layer of auto-mobile paste wax with a microfibre cloth to protect the surface of the plastic sheet. This is important to maintain its luster in the long run. Buff the surface with a clean cotton flannel or any sort of jersey cloth. After all that is done to the plastic sheet, wipe it with a clean damp cloth to ground all electro-static charges which will attract dust particles. As a side note, antistatic coatings can be applies to prevent the accumulation of electrostatic charge.