Uses of Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic sheet is a substitute to glass. It is a polymer that is resistant to impact, scratch as well as weather. It is used in a variety of situations where impact resistance and shatterproof properties are very much needed. Acrylic sheets are also now used in medical implants, plastic surgeries and an assortment of technological advancements. Here are a few uses of acrylic sheets.

High Impact Uses

Acrylic sheets are shatterproof, as mentioned earlier and so it is very common to find it as car windows, bathroom showers and aquariums. Acrylic is very durable and can withstand high pressure and violent environment. It also stands the test of time. Acrylics are much safer that glass because of its crack resistant property. Imagine an accident where the car windows shatter into the driver, or a sharp object hitting an aquarium. The fish will lose its life. Acrylic can be trusted in this matter. Even aircraft and submarine windows are made of acrylic and not glass because of its notable durability.

Medical Uses

Acrylic sheets are very commonly used in medical technologies without of its notable compatibility with human tissue. Acrylic sheets are used to replace the lenses inside our eyes to remove cataracts. Acrylic sheets are one of the most common materials to make hard contact lenses. Bodily impacts are connected using acrylics and it can also help reduce lost bone mass in humans. Cosmetic surgeons these days also opt to use acrylics to enhance the facial features. Acrylics have been proven to be a successful additive to soft tissue fillers because of the absorbance property it gives. Human body doesn’t break down acrylic fillers, so these are considered permanent.

Besides that, acrylics have been used for many other commercial and residential purposes. For instance, acrylic paint, modern furniture, musical instrument, surgical equipment, video CDs and etc. Acrylics can also be dissolved in lubricant oils to keep heavy machineries from rusting or stiffening up. Acrylics are also used to make safe dishware for kids because it will not damage when it drops.